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Carpet Care
Here are a few of the things you may notice soon after your carpet is installed. Most of the following situations are perfectly normal and can be dealt with simply and directly. 

Those balls of fluff you may find on the surface of your carpet or in your vacuum cleaner don't mean that your carpet is going to pieces. Most carpets retain some loose fibres after they leave the factory. These fibres make their way to the surface and may take a while to work themselves out completely. How long this takes, depends on the particular fibre construction of your carpet. Before long, you'll find that the problem has vanished. 

Your carpet may "sprout" a loose tuft that seems to grow above the surface. If this happens, simply snip the offending end even with the surface. Please do not yank out long or loose ends! That can damage the carpet permanently. 


You may notice some colour variations in different areas of your carpet - or one area may appear to change colour when viewed from different angles. Your carpet is not changing colour, it's just part of the natural beauty of plush carpet where light reflects unevenly as the pile moves in different directions. Foot traffic generally causes this, and the best solution is to vacuum the pile in a uniform direction. 


Unless you plan to live without furniture, your carpet will display crushing in spots where heavy objects such as sofas and shelving units are located. To raise the pile back to its former proud height, you'll have to do some vigorous brushing. If the indentations are particularly stubborn, you can try passing a hot steam iron over them - but no closer than six inches above the carpet. 

Vacuuming Advice

Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping your new carpet young, fresh and beautiful. Dirt and grit can accumulate in your carpet and become embedded in the pile where they will affect your carpet's colour and cause matting of the pile. 

Vacuuming should be done slowly - about three passes over the area for a light cleaning and seven passes where there's more soil. And remember, while you're vacuuming, you're adding life to your carpet.


Periodic cleaning using professional help method is recommended.

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