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At ALLIED, we have a long history of making custom rugs to meet the needs and desires of our many clients. 

Over the last 35 years, we have made numerous rugs for Hotels, Restaurants, Embassies etc. around the globe - customizing size, colour, design, finish and fibers used. Likewise, we have made many custom rugs for residential clients alike - to suit oversized and oval rooms and even L-shaped hallways. 

Our Service
Our services enable you to have a truly unique piece of floor covering in any shape, size, design, color or style with Handtufted/table tufted types in wool or artificial/real silk or polyester to enhance your interior experience. You can have a custom rug made using your company logo, motifs matching your wallpaper, furniture or the general theme of your place.

You can email us a picture of the room where you wish the rug to be laid, and our experts will work on a rug suited to your individual needs. We have a team of designers working with us, many of whom have been designing rugs for more than 25-30 years. 

The Process
You send us a picture/drawing of the design you like, or explain your concept to us in detail, advise us on the broad color theme that you would like to have , send us your company logo, picture of the room or whatever along with the desired size. We will make a computer image of the proposed rug and will email it back to you for approval within a week. You approve the rug, or suggest the changes which will be made and again sent to you for approval. Once approved, we will make the rug and send it direct to your doorstep within a time frame of 3 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the size / weave of the rug.

Custom making rugs is tricky business. Depending on the color theme, design we may have to get wool/silk specially dyed to get the perfect shade. The wool that will be dyed will be very less when compared to our usual dyeing lots thereby increasing costs. Plus, the designing is done for making just one or two pieces. The overall effort involved is tremendous and the quantity is very less. This is why most of the European/American rug retailers charge exorbitant rates for custom rugs while all they do is pass on the orders to their suppliers in rug manufacturing countries like India, without paying them extra for custom rugs while the work is done by the manufacturers & their designers.

We at ALLIED EXPORTS charge little extra for Bespoke rugs as our wholesale export line is mostly devoted to making custom rugs and we have the complete infrastructure required to fulfill our customer's requirement.

Still, we need to see the picture, the size required, and the weave/material necessitated by the design before we can give a quote on price and estimated time of delivery.

How to Proceed

Please upload picture of the design/room here or email it to us at info@alliedexports.in

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