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We have in house weaving+ latexing + embossing + finishing + packing. We have In house Weaving for Hand looms, Pit Looms, and we have recently installed a Machine for making Flat Weave Jacquard. We also have in house Wilton Machine for Making Cut Pile. Apart from Weaving Facility, we have installed a machine for Packaging and another machine for Automatic Sheering. Our Sheering Machine is under installation, which will be ready to function in couple of months. Please find below pictures for our Production process with all details mentioned below.

     Warp Machine & Yarn Opening

We have team of skilled workers for all our processes. We have 4 Warp Machines.

     Hand Loom Weaving
We have in-house 10 broadlooms including 8 looms of 13’-2” (4mtr) and 2 looms of 16’.4” (5mtr) width. They can further be increased according to the requirement. Besides we have several small looms too.
     Flat Weaves Jacquard Machine (5 Meters)

It can make Flat Weaves in any design whatsoever. It has production of 2000 Sq Mtrs/Month. It can weave  any yarn from thin to thick like Wool 10-70 Count, Tencel, Polyester, Viscose etc.

     Wilton Machine
It produces 3000 Sq Mtrs/Month in wool. It can manufacture width up to 4 Meters and can make any design whatsoever in  Cut Pile up to 4 Colours in different Yarns like Wool, Viscose, Tencel, Polyester, PP etc.
     Machine Creel

1100 Creels Per Colour and we have Capacity of 5 Colours.

     Pit Loom Weaving
We have the Loom for width up to 5 Meters, and rest we have small looms of 3 Meters Width. We are making different kind of durries from Cotton to Wool, Chenille etc. 

Quality Check After Weaving of Each Roll

     Latexing & Drying Chambers

We already have one Drying Chamber having Capacity of drying 3 Rolls/Day, Another one is almost ready having Capacity of drying 4 Rolls/Day

     Clipping & Finishing

We have skilled workers for Clipping whether its rolls or rugs, our products are well finished.

     Packaging Machine

We pack our Rolls on this Machine, which helps us to pack our Rolls tightly and do not have coning problem

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